Friday, May 14, 2010

In response to Denise's post on how I'm doing at the end of this process...amazingly, I'm doing alright! The project encouraged us to wake up early & check out the Farmers Market for 3 weekends in a row. We have a cabinet where we stuff our plastic bags after shopping & I noticed that it's not overflowing as it normally is thanks to utilizing reuseable bags. Although I haven't had a chance to use alternate means of transportation, I have been mindful of carpooling with others when going out. Taking 5 minute showers hasn't been too challenging as I'm quick in the shower anyway. There's much to do in the morning than stand under a shower for a long period of time. Buying organic food has been more of a struggle for me since it's more expensive. I find myself asking, "do the pesticides on this inorganic apple & the environmental impact outweigh the overall nutritional value & its affordability?" Unfortunately, my answer is usually no. I also slipped & made 2 trips to McDonald's during the course of this project. It will take some time for my eating habits to improve! However, I'm not a huge carnivore & can forego meat during some meals.

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  1. In response to your comment about buying organic food, I do agree it is overall more expensive but not always. For example, organic kale, chard, and carrots, can cost $3-5 per bunch at Safeway or Whole Foods, but at the Farmer's Market, I found it to be 3 bunches for $5! (mix and match). But the organic strawberries are definitely more expensive and that's something I usually pass on. Also, some farmers grow their vegetables without the use of pesticides but are not organically certified due to cost and affordability. So if you talk to some of the local farmers, they say they grow their produce "naturally".

    So I guess the rule of thumb is to be selective. Buy organic when you can and where it matters. Check out different farmer's markets in your areas. Lastly, Grocery Outlet is an excellent discount store where you can sometimes find a nice selection of organic foods. But do watch out for the expiration dates...they often come very close to the labeled date.

    It does take some work and inconvenience at first, but I hope it doesn't discourage you in the future to shop more organic foods. ;)

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, we love to hear them.