Monday, May 10, 2010

Last weekend I took my bike to run a small errand to the grocery store. It was fun and it encouraged me to not buy so much because I had to fit all of my items in the baskets on the bike and in my backpack. It was also some nice exercise and it made for an enjoyable and leisurely tour through the neighborhood. Usually when I take my car I am in a hurry and don't really appreciate my surroundings. We also made it to the farmer's market around closing time and were able to get a great deal on some items that the vendors wanted to get rid of before packing up.

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  1. I never know whether to go early or late to a farmer's market. But I think next time I'll try to go later. I'd like to see how much they knock off of their original prices. Walking around with bags instead of a whole shopping cart definitely creates limited space which also means consuming less. Plus, it's a good way to not buy too much. Fresh produce is usually best used within 1-3 days. Somethings like carrots can keep longer but in general, buying less is good.