Sunday, April 25, 2010

1 day down.. 20 more days to go !!!!!

Trash i generated today (two candy wraps.. candy i did not buy, was gifted to me)

First day was easy.. easier than i thought.. part of it was because we went for an Indian buffet last night.. and i had stuffed myself up to the neck..
Net result did not eat meat the entire day.. yay.. had rice and organic kale with some onions and carrots that Denise cooked (said No to leftover Spicy Sicilian sausage and pepperoni pizza... another first..)

In the morning we went to the Campbell Farmers market..we got our own bags.. but denise got a bio-bag from one of the stores to store her compostables to take to SF on wednesday..

We did not go play tennis, went hiking instead as the tennis courts were far and we did not want to take the car.

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