Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Today was the first day I was able to get my shower under 5 minutes. It usually takes over a half a minute to get the water warm enough to tolerate which leaves me with a little over 4 minutes in the shower. I think I am getting the hang of being as efficient as possible which allowed me to meet the 5 minute rule.

Yesterday was my first grocery trip since starting the challenge and it was tough. It was hard to not buy the usual items that I like to get such as frozen chicken and ground beef. My friend at work who is a vegetarian gave me some vegetarian dinner ideas to try out. Tonight I tried bell peppers (organic) stuffed with a rice and bean stuffing. It was really tasty and filling.


  1. Good job Missy for persistently trying! Sometimes I drink a cup of hot water and then jump in the shower. And once that timer starts, gosh I feel like I really have to hustle like I'm in the military.

    If you stick a bucket under the spout to wait until the water is heated, you can start your timer from there. Just find other ways to use that cold water...maybe on outdoor plants or something.

  2. oooh, and those bell peppers stuffed with rice and beans sounds delish.