Thursday, April 29, 2010


I hope the little wigglers are hungry when (if ever) they arrive. We're accumulating a lot of compost already. Good thing this bucket has a good seal :-)

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1 comment:

  1. Thanks for posting the picture! Gosh I've been trying to scout one out on eBay. Since I'm a total "girl" who wants her bin fancy (btw, Ranadeep would insert "snob" where I have inserted "girl"), I've been looking for the 4-5 tray worm bin. bin yet. Steve (my dad) has offered to get one of those turning barrels that has a price tag of $100+! So I said we'll wait.

    Hey, if your bin doesn't come by next Tues, I'll pick up your compostables and drop them in sf when I go up on Wednesdays. Since Sunday, I have put all my veggie and fruit scraps in a bucket lined with a bio bag (which they give out at the Farmer's market). I noticed that if you keep it relatively dry, it doesn't stink much at all. (For example, I have tea just about every morning. After I use the tea bag, I tear it open and let the leaves dry out before sticking it in my bio bag.) And if you put orange peels in the pile, it also helps to reduce odor.