Monday, April 26, 2010

The second day of my living lightly would not make Mr. Cloud particularly happy. For starters i drove almost 30 miles. On the way, i stopped at Safeway to get some groceries. Once, there i realized i did not get my shopping bag and hence had to use the Safeway plastic bags. Hoping to improve my Karma, i intended to fulfill three instead of the minimum two criteria required for choosing a food item. But Safeway let me down, i realized it is not the best of places to be eco-tarian. For example, i wanted to buy bananas, but they had bananas only from Ecuador and no information about whether it was organic/sustainably grown etc. Same for rice. I kind of redeemed myself by buying organic milk, coffee ( USDA approved, though i did not find coffee which was bird friendly) and Kettle chips (instead of my usual Lays Wavy Ranch).
Oh well.. i will try Traders Joe next time and see if i can fare any better.. Also would do some research online to know more about the eco-brands before i go shopping next time...

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  1. Hi Ranadeep,

    You made good effort in your journey through Safeway by noticing that there are very limited Ecotarian choices. They do sell some select local produce but you have to find it.

    One solution to the grocery bag "issue" is loading your groceries in your car without a bag. Then when you get home, take any bag you have at home and transfer your groceries from car to your apartment. Yes, that is very inconvenient, but you might remember next time.

    oh, and btw, plastic bags and receipts can be recycled, so I would not include that as part of your trash.