Sunday, April 25, 2010

I survived Day 1! Marc & I were able to browse around the Campbell farmer's market an hour before it closed. I wasn't a fan of the crowds and hot sun, but the chocolate croissant I bought made up for it. Yum! We didn't purchase too many items because we have some produce at home we want to use up first. I did notice many vendors' signs had a CCOF approval (CA certified organic farmers) and am proud that I know what the acronym stands for now.

We stopped at Nordstrom Rack and I purchased a coat. Unfortunately, it's made in China which probably means it was made from a sweatshop. I'm not proud of that fact, but it was a great deal I couldn't resist! However, I did tell the cashier that I didn't want a bag. I felt REALLY awkward carrying the coat out the door without a shopping bag and felt like I was stealing. I bet the man sitting by the exit door believed I was stealing. You don't typically see people walk out of clothing stores with the items visibly in hand! I'll be sure to remember my own shopping bag next time to avoid any stares or assumptions made by society.

I babysat my 2.5 year old nephew today and discovered kids are messy and use lots of napkins! It's hard to conserve napkins when sticky hands are reaching for you every other minute. Maybe I'll use a cloth washcloth next time...that way I won't be wasting a stack of napkins and can use the same washcloth throughout the day.

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