Thursday, April 29, 2010

"Broke Even" i think...

Yesterday Mr.Cloud must have approved my efforts to live lighter.. considering my way of doing things before i started this project..

Though i drove to work.. i biked back home and today morning i biked to work.. (google map says it is ~7 miles each way..) Yay..

Shower wise i am doing ok... on an average they are about 4min 20 secs.

I am getting better on the food front too..At least i am trying to go meatless . Yesterday we went to chipotle for lunch and i ordered a veggie fajita bowl (for the first time ever.. though i must say it was pretty " blehhhh" compared to my carne asada fajita bowl). We went past L&L hawaiian bbq .. and it was hard not to be tempted.. I have given up on coke for now.. and got my own water.

Well i guess, if you know you have to save your trash you make a conscientious effort not to generate much.. Maybe once the project is done i would think of an imaginary trash container that i am filling up..that might be a motivation to reduce consumption

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  1. (O O) I was completely stunned that you had a veggie bowl!! Amazing! I'm so proud of my carnivore.