Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Not much to report today. I spent most of the day in a meeting at work and created way too much waste by using plastic utensils and paper plates/bowls during lunch. However, I was the last to leave the office today and made a conscious effort to turn out all the lights in the building. Marc & I had a meatless dinner tonight--yummy pasta that he made. We made a quick trip to PW Market last night and I was peeved to learn that I spent $5 on organic juice concentrate! There was no price tag on the product and now I know why.

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  1. I know, organic juice is totally expensive and I often wonder if it was really worth my money. They might have some organic juice for under $4 but not a true money saver. I've been drinking those Emergen-C / or Immuni-C packets to get more vitamin C ...but they create so much packaging waste. Does anyone know if they sell big containers of it?