Monday, April 26, 2010

So far weekends seem a bit more easy for me to keep up with the 7 habits. On Sunday I was able to take my time preparing lunch and dinner and was able to use veggies that we got at Farmer's Market. On weekends we don't travel very far so alternate transportation (walking and biking) fit in nicely to our schedule.

Weekdays however are another story. I am usually in a hurry to get out the front door in the mornings but today I packed up last night's left over spaghetti to take to work with me for lunch. Unfortunately, my work commute is about 100 miles round trip per day which is not very good because I drive to work. I will have to get into the habit of taking my bike to run short errands. This evening we rode our bikes to the gym instead of driving. It worked out nice because we got cardio taken care of on the way to and from the gym.

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  1. Props to you and Dennis for riding your bike to the gym! I have trouble maintaining a regular routine for exercise, but yesterday, I made myself get on our cardio machine. You guys are inspiring me to develop a better exercise regimen.