Monday, April 26, 2010

New challenge...ecotarianism

So day two seems to be revealing a greater challenge than the 5 minute shower. This one stretches throughout the day and involves something very important to stomach. Sure a 5 minute shower is a bit of a challenge, but at least it's over with by mornings end. When it comes to eating sustainable foods however, I've noticed things are definitely easier on the weekends.

So far I think I'm following the ecotarian diet moderately well...though I know it can be done better. Right now most of my meals really only have one local ingredient and one organic ingredient. Fortunately, as it's spring, most everything's in season. Hopefully as the days progress we'll restock our fridge with more sustainable goods from the Farmer's Market or Whole Foods, but right now we're just trying to use up our other "Pre-Cloud7" purchases so as not to be wasteful.

Snacking has turned out to be a bit tricky as I found out at work today. I had one bowl of instant ramen noodles and it practically doubled my Sundays' total trash production. Guess I should have stuck with the fruits for snacking. Lesson learned.

The end of the day was the hardest. After biking to and from a long day at work, I was in no mood to cook and neither was Nancy. Inevitably we caved to the pressures of eating out. So, of course we now had to decide where to go that would fit the bill, no easy task when you're already starving. After little debate we settled on Baja Fresh. :- Not necessarily ecotarian, but a slight step up from McDonalds. Neither of us ordered steak, so I'd like to say it was a step in the right direction, but who am I's not really sustainable dinning. I even tried to find some sort of local ingredient list on the website to no avail.

All in all, today's meals have been a valuable learning experience. Or better yet, a lesson in preparedness. As soon as possible I'm hoping to get to Trader's or Whole Foods to make this step of simple living just a bit more simpler.

I know this post was a bit of a rambler. I'll try to keeping it short and sweet next time.

Soon I'll be attempting a new challenge. Vermiculture!!! I've ordered the worms, now I just have to build them a home before they get here. Stay tuned....

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  1. Hey Marc,

    We love the rambling. Feel free to do all the rambling you want. This is a place not only to share what you did, but also to vent your frustrations. Incorporating the seven ways is no easy task, it's asking you to change your comfort level and lifestyle.

    Eating out is definitely no easy task. Finding a place that is local, economical, and tasteful is tough. But good for you two for going veg! Good job!