Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Yesterday nothing much happened in terms of me living lighter.... I drove almost 20 miles back and forth form work and also to get lunch (i carpooled with Jay for lunch though)...

I tried to make up for it by going meatless.. we went to Costco to get a slice of cheese pizza each.. For the first time i noticed (or Jay pointed to me :) )that Costco has separate bins for trash, compost and recycle.

I had generate some compostable waste (coffee residue, banana peels etc) which i disposed off at the compostable bins in one of the Stanford cafeterias.. On a geekier note, I found this journal article online which makes activated carbon from coffee residue. It is interesting since there is some research on using activated carbon for storing hydrogen for fuel cells.


  1. Where, where? Please post the article or give us a link :D Any new information should be shared with the group.

  2. That does sound interesting. So does that mean in the future our coffee grinds will be powering our Hydrogen fuel cell cars?